Mark Hewitt

Mark Hewitt

Rev Mark Hewitt is the Ministry Team leader at The Corner Uniting Church, Warradale, South Australia, an intergenerational, faith focused community with an Arts culture. Mark has BEd (Design), BTh, MTh, and has worked as Art, Design & Photography Teacher, Family Therapist/Residential care worker for behavioural problem teenagers, Scotch College R-12 Chaplain and Counsellor, and Congregational minister for over 12 years.

His post graduate studies were a fusion of Theology & Art exploring the ‘Tree of Life’. Mark uses mixed media, is a photographic artist, likes to Bodger (creating pieces from found objects) and construct and restore things in his relaxation. Visual Art has always been a part his faith and ministry expression. Youth and young adults are a significant part of his work/ministry life. He is committed to intergenerational community, respecting the skills, faith, gifts and wisdom each person brings to our faith life. As Ministry Team Leader at The Corner, his focus over the past few years has been on creating culture and change management. The future looks exciting with the continued creation and use of visual arts for worship, ‘prayerful colourings’, a worship/faith/art blog and working with The Corner in the Arts & Foodie ministry.

Reshaping a Suburban Church with Creative Arts

Elective – Reshaping a Suburban Church with Creative Arts